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I began my career as a stylist in North America, after finishing a degree in psychology at uni, I decided to go travelling the world. Once I arrived, I stumbled into styling, starting with a photoshoot with one of the top rock photographers in the country. Then I moved on to London (as most Aussies do), expanding my styling resume there & making a conscious decision that this was what I wanted to do.

I have been based back in Sydney since 2004.

Having first worked as a wardrobe stylist in the film industry, styling music videos & TV commercials, I then progressed to feature film costume design.

My costume design work abroad included feature films with cast members such as Naomi Watts, Sir Ian McKellen, Laura Dern & Mark Ruffalo. It was great to work with such high calibre actors so early in my career.

My TVC work in North America was moulded by prominent & notorious Director Marcus Nispel. Working with US ad agencies was also an amazing experience & had an exponential learning curve attached to it.

Returning to Australia I saw my career as a stylist move towards fashion & celebrity styling. I further added the title of “style director” to my CV, working closely with and directing shows for various Australian designers.

Currently my focus is on celebrity styling, advertising and editorial.

The time I worked overseas was indispensible in building my skills in style direction, design & particularly I learnt about attention to detail & how important it is to styling. I love fashion, great shoes & accessories & above all love putting it all together , whether for a editorial shoot or building a character for an advertising campaign.

I enjoy contributing to a creative team & I pride myself on having a good rapport with clients, creatives & talent…. I believe this is as important as creating beautiful images.